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Since statehood in 1959 Alaska’s population has tripled, with most of this growth occurring in Anchorage. The city has a major international airport, a convenient bus system, and The Alaska Railroad – the only full-service railroad in North America providing passenger and freight services year-round. Passengers can ride to scenic destinations as well as many communities accessible only by rail. Anchorage is a popular travel destination for both American and foreign travelers.

Anchorage has an excellent public school system that is ranked among the finest in the nation. Students’ SAT and ACT scores are consistently above the national average and all of the area’s high schools offer Advanced Placement courses. Students can choose from four excellent, affordable higher educational facilities within the Anchorage city limits: the University of Alaska Anchorage, Alaska Pacific University, Charter College or the Wayland Baptist University.

Residents can also choose from a wide array of cultural attractions. The Anchorage Opera, the Anchorage Museum of History and Art, The Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Imaginarium are just a few of the city’s many cultural options. The city also celebrates its diversity and Native Alaskan culture with one of the nation’s largest pow-wows at the beginning of summer.

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